​Call to Action Resources

Demonstration Projects

RACP encourages its Advanced Trainees and Fellows to develop and conduct research projects on specific recommendations as part of specialty training. Outcomes from these projects can be:
   •   Presented at conferences or published in journals
   •   Adapted across health services and specialties
   •   Used as ongoing references or resources
   •   A career development opportunity

RACP is currently undertaking two Advanced Trainee Demonstration Projects on the Australian & New Zealand Society of Geriatric Medicine’s Evolve Top 5 List items, which focus on:
   •   high-risk medications
   •   polypharmacy

Resources relating to these Evolve Demonstration Projects will be available shortly. 


Posters presented at conferences relating to Evolve will be available shortly.



​Difficult Conversations

Three training ​resources are available, which provide examples of how to include the Evolve Top 5 List recommendations in difficult conversations between:
   •   a patient and a physician (A/Prof Mark Lane)
   •   a carer and a physician (Dr Sarah Dalton)
   •   an Advanced Trainee and a Fellow (Dr Brendan Ng, Dr Nick Buckmaster)

These ​resources will be available shortly.

RACP CPD Quality & Safety Module
Evolve is a part of RACP's CPD Quality & Safety training. 
​This ​​resource will be available shortly.

RACP Supervisor Training
Evolve is included in Supervisor Training (Teaching and Learning in Healthcare Settings) at ​specialty society conferences. In 2018, Supervisor Training is planned at: 
   •   ​ANZSGM, Sydney NSW - Jun 2018
   •   MOGA, Adelaide SA - Aug 2018
   •   ANZSN, Sydney NSW - Sep 2018


Webinars relating to Evolve will be available shortly.