2016 Paediatrics Evolve Masterclass

25 November 2016

Evolve: turning words into action

In November 2016, about ​fifty paediatricians, other clinicians and stakeholders gathered at Parliament House, Sydney, to focus on how to turn best practice into common practice. Participants came from across Australasia to take part in the Paediatrics Evolve Masterclass: sharing experiences, exploring the root causes of low-value practices, and canvassing practical ways to bring about change.

Led by RACP Paediatrics & Child Health Division President Dr Sarah Dalton and facilitated by Dr Norman Swan, the Masterclass was enthusiastically received, generating fresh ideas, passionate discussion, and a good deal of reflection.

Here you'll find an overview of the day's proceedings in the Masterclass Communique, as well as videos and slide presentations​.


Dr Sarah Dalton, President, RACP Paediatrics and Child Health Division
Dr Norman Swan facilitates a panel session
Associate Professor Ian Scott, Director of Medicine and Clinical Epidemiology, Princess Alexandra Hospital, Brisbane


Video Presentations

Panel Discussion -- Professor Fergus Cameron, Dr Melanie Wong, and Mr Mark Nevin

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Slide Presentations

Clinicians discuss how to implement Evolve recommendations

2016 EVOLVE Forum

In April 2016, experts from 22 specialties came together for the 2016 EVOLVE  Forum to discuss the implications, common themes and learnings arising from their completed EVOLVE lists.

The Forum affirmed the strong partnership between the College and the specialties, as well as the importance of cross-specialty consultation, collaboration and partnership to the success of EVOLVE.

Group EVOLVE Forum
Nick Talley EVOLVE Forum
Table EVOLVE Forum

Group work Forum
Panel Shot Forum
Table work Forum

Evolving your practice: RACP Pomegranate Podcast

Medical practice is dynamic and continually changes with evidence and experience. However, keeping up with contemporary best practice can be challenging. Data shows that out-of-date practices can continue, leading to patients getting inappropriate, unnecessary or event potentially harmful interventions.

In this podcast, Prof Rachelle Buchbinder, A/Prof Warrick Inder, and A/Prof Ian Scott discuss the importance of the EVOLVE initiative, how specialties develop their Top 5 lists, and how they engage their patients in discussions around tests and procedures that may be over-used, inappropriate, or of limited effectiveness.

Congress 2016 EVOLVE presentations

RACP Congress 2016 brought together approximately 1000 of Australia's leading medical specialists to discuss the latest developments in healthcare.

This year's event, held in Adelaide from May 16 to 18, saw presentations from Dr Doug Bridge, Dr Sarah Dalton, Dr Carole Khaw, Dr Jenny Martin, and Associate Professor Julie McGaughran, who provided updates on their specialties' EVOLVE recommendations, in particular those of key relevance to other specialties. They highlighted the evidence behind the recommendations and explored why the practice might still be prevalent, followed by very active discussion on what might be effective strategies to appropriately reduce their use.

PCHD also ran a very engaging workshop to review and provide qualitative feedback on the shortlisted recommendations for a General Paediatrics Top 5 list.



Relevant articles to the EVOLVE initiative

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Laureate Professor Nicholas Talley speaking at the launch of the Choosing Wisely Australia initiative

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